Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Do you have a B.A.A.?  Believe and Achieve Attitude?

Success Bound Teens, do you have a believe and achieve attitude?  Do you believe that you have the power to attain your goals and live your dreams.  Does your attitude help define your success?  

Did you know that having a great, wonderful and positive attitude can easily help you to obtain your goals.  Here's why; when you believe in yourself and the things you are trying to accomplish, your believe and achieve attitude speaks to your spirit, your faith soars and the next thing you know, you're walking into and living your dreams.

Your attitude and your confidence, your goals, your aspirations in addition to your abilities, your gifts, your talents and your education can help to bring your sweet dreams to fruition.

So come on and get ready to receive your B.A.A. degree.  It will be one of the best degrees you'll ever receive!!!

Flutter, flutter, flutter!

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  1. Yes, it seems the school year is winding down to the final days and those dreaded final exams. It's enough to strike fear in the hearts of just about anyone that has ever walked into a classroom facing that old blue book knowing that it's time to demonstrate what you know, or what you don't know. Please don't think that the instructor won't see past your attempt to simply fill up pages with a lot of empty sentences. Make sure you are really conveying that you know the material.
    They've been at this a very long time.

    I've never been good at taking tests. I guess sometimes we make things harder than they really are by the way we approach them. If you start out thinking negatively then you'll most likely get a negative result. So focus on the positive and the way you do that is making sure you're prepared. If you're prepared then it should be a piece of cake. With that said, have all your notes organized in such a manner that you know all the key points your instructor will most likely cover on the exam. Say a prayer, get a good nights rest, eat a good breakfast and go ace that exam. With all of the above you're sure to triumph! Good luck!!