Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Finals and Focus

Alright SBTs, it's time to buckle down as it is time for finals.

Whether you're in high school or college, whether you like it or not, whether you want to study or not, it's time to prepare for finals.  YESSSSSSS!!!   

This is the time of year when everything you've learned over the course of the year comes together in one big test to test what you absorbed during your time in the classroom.  How well you listened, how attentive you were and how much you participated will tell in this one last test, (just a small challenge that you'll be faced with for about two hours), will reveal how much knowledge you attained .  That is why it is so important to attend class everyday; you don't want to miss a second of knowledge; it's what's going to help you to succeed in your career and in life!!!

So get ready; find a quiet place to focus.  Turn off that cell phone!!! Turn off that music!!!   Be sure to tell your friends that you can't hang out this weekend because you  have to study!!!  Focus and Finish strong.  Go ahead and get that A+.  You can do it.  Put in a little hardwork, dedication and commitment and strive to do your very best on that test.

We'd love to reward you with a gift certificate for being so faithful and true to your academic goals and for working so diligently and for always doing and being the best that you can be!!!  It's not much to ask and you'll be jumping for joy all the days of your life when you find that, because of your commitment to your school work now, you will live a life of prosperity because you chose to receive wisdom, knowledge and instruction.  What a wise Success Bound Teen you are!!!!


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