Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Success Bound Teens, the time is growing closer to that special day called graduation, but first you have a  special engagement you must to attend, PROM NIGHT!!!!  This is one of the most special and precious times of your high school years; treasure and cherish it all the days of your life.  

You've been looking forward to this day for a long time and it has finally arrived.  You've picked out a stunning dress.  You're getting ready to walk your own red carpet. Mom and Dad have prepared a delicious spread for your family and friends and they are congregating at your home as if it is your wedding day to see you shine.  As you prepare for this special night, let's take into consideration some important aspects of this evening that are extremely crucial to your safety, in more ways than one; 


Remember to take heed to your parents advice: DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.  Think about this:  You are on your prom and you are looking forward to having a grand time; you'll be creating special memories and you'll be sharing a time with your friends that you will never ever forget.  How can you have a good time if you're drinking to the point where it leaves you feeling drowsy and totally out of sync with your peers; it makes for a terrible time and your night can be completely ruined.  Be alert and enjoy yourself and you'll have the time of your life.  Drinking is no fun and should be left to those who are of legal age.


When I watch 16 and Pregnant I listen to the young girls talk about how they wish they had waited before engaging in sex.  Listen, sex is a serious thing with serious consequences and it's never ever worth giving up your virginity to some boy just for his pleasure so remember this, stay Safe with Celibacy; you won't regret it.

Walk into the night and enjoy who you are and who you are about to become.  Your prom night is a special time carved out for you and your classmates.  You are a beautiful fluttering slowly into your journey.  

Be respectful of yourself and others will respect you as well.  Remember to respect yourself and don't do anything that you know is against your moral and high ethical standards that have been instilled in you since birth.  Make your parents proud and listen to the great and sound advice that they have shared with you to help keep you safe and on the right road where truth reigns.

Flutter, Flutter!!!! 

Moms, Dads, Aunts, Uncles, Guardians or followers of this blog, please feel free to add any sound and profound advice or comments for our Success Bound Teens.  We want to keep them on the right track so that they never lose focus of their goals!!!  

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  1. I definitely agree that your senior prom is a once in a lifetime event that a young woman should be able to look back on with fond memories. You should have fun with your friends and classmates and just enjoy the evening. I never quite understood the practice today of girls going to the prom with a date that they really aren't that close to or that isn't their boyfriend but I suppose times have changed. How can you have a good time with someone that you barely know?

    Whatever you decide to do, or whoever you decide to take be sure and take safety with you. Don't do anything you will regret the next day. Certainly do not drink and drive or get in the car with someone that has been drinking. So many fatalities occur during prom season due to drinking and driving.

    Definitely practice celibacy on prom night. One casual sexual encounter can end up causing you to have to take on a lifetime of responsibility. I would venture to say that it usually ends with the guy leaving you holding the bag as he goes on with his life. Don't cheat yourself out of having fun in your teens and early twenties. It's the best time of your entire life so in the end, use your brain, have a good time and dance the night away girl!