Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Success Bound Teens are Blossoming Butterflies...

Flutter, flutter, flutter. Open your wings and fly; let the world see the beauty and power in your wings.

As young women we continually strive to be all that we can be, all we were meant to be, our true authentic selves. Blossoming Butterflies is our gift to you, our beautiful sisters in womanhood, uniquely connected by virture of our compassion, our beauty, our intelligence, our simply reveling in the joy of what it means to be female. No matter your age, race, religion or ethnicity, Blossoming Butterflies is your place to express your thoughts, dreams, challenges, goals and aspirations. We're your soft place to fall.

Whether you're 16 and confused about boys, relationships, school and peer pressure or if you're 25 deciding on whether or not to get married, what career path to take or any life choices you may be facing, our goal is to provide helpful, positive feedback in a protective environment. We'll have fun, exchange ideas, share our stories of heartbreak and disappointment with those of us that have already walked in your shoes. Blossoming Butterflies is dedicated to helping young girls and women come into their own by realizing their true potential in all facets of life...blossoming into beautiful, phenomenal butterfiles!

Young ladies, your journey is one of purpose, happiness, excitement and an abundance of blessings. Your life is Spirit-filled and Spirit-led with the radiance of God’s Son shining down and illuminating your path as He lovingly leads you to your destination.

Ladies, your thoughts and dreams are transformed into your passion and your passion becomes your goals; your passion then leads to your prosperity by first seeking the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

Blossoming Butterflies, you flutter out and into the world, wings slowly spreading and following the path designed exclusively for you. You can do anything. You have the amazing ability to accomplish great things; greatness has been poured into your soul and is forever embedded in your spirit. You have been touched with God’s amazing grace and His tender mercies. His Word tells you that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

Faith is the hope, the key and the substance that gives you the strength to move mountains; nothing is impossible for you. You envision conquering the world, a feat some may call impossible, but with your faith in Christ Jesus, you are well on your way to doing just that!

Whether you’re in high school preparing for your college years or whether you’re in college preparing for your future you are in the beginning stages of blossoming into a beautiful butterfly. Being molded and shaped by the Hands of God, you are in deed so very special. You have been wonderfully and marvelously created and you are precious in His sight.

Many of you dream your dreams everyday; dreams of going to college; dreams of designing your life for success and prosperity; dreams of being the leaders of the world; dreams of being your very best in your chosen field; dreams of having lifelong prosperous careers that will guide you into a life of pure bliss.

The Teenage Butterfly

Fluttering into some of the harsh realities of life doesn’t have to affect you. If you remain focused and stay centered on the Lord, Jesus Christ, your path will remain straight and He will give you the desires of your heart.

As a teenager in high school student, you may, from time to time, be forced to deal with peer pressure.

Whether you know it or not, peers often influence your life. Peer pressure can also be a learning experience; you learn from your peers, they learn from you and you learn some things about yourself.

Perhaps a friend has given you an easy-to-remember science formula. Maybe there is a student in your class who stands out from the rest; you admire their fun-loving personality and you want to be more like them. But wait a minute, you just discovered something you never knew before; someone admires you too; you have a great personality, you’re fun-loving; you’re smart, a straight A student to be exact and some of your peers, well, they would never tell you this, but they long to be just like you. This kind of peer pressure you welcome with open arms. To be a beacon of light to and for someone else speaks volumes about you and who you are.

When you emulate the goodness found in the heart of your peers or when someone emulates you, it should be considered sheer joy because you are helping another person in some small way or perhaps even in a big way in some area or circumstance of their life, even if you don’t realize it.

Your peers can influence you in positive ways or they can influence you in negative ways. Negative peer pressure can sometimes be life-altering. For instance, if one of your peers tried to get you to have unprotected sex, and you agreed, this could possibly result in an unwanted pregnancy changing your life for as long as you have to raise your child. Nine times out of ten, you will be raising your child all alone with absolutely no help from the baby’s father.

Peer pressure can also lead to other negative influences which can cause sexually transmitted diseases if you do not protect yourself. Being wise by taking heed to the great advice from your parents, guardians, teachers, counselors or someone close to you and remaining celibate is a great way to avoid getting a sexually transmitted disease. Your parent(s) love you; remember that they have your best interest at heart and it is best to listen when they tell you the importance of remaining a virgin until you get married. Safe with Celibacy is a great tool you can and should always use when faced with peer pressure.

Your peers could also influence you to try a drug; all drugs are harmful and could cause some form of pain; emotional and/or physical. Some drugs are stronger and worse than others and could lead to drug-dependency changing your life forever. Once you become addicted to drugs, which are like any other disorder, it is extremely difficult to get off of the drugs and you may be forced to seek help through intervention and counseling. This, too, can be a life-changing experience.

Girls often influence their peers to be mean to other girls; this could be due to jealously or for no reason at all. If your peers try to get you to go against someone for reason(s) you are unaware of or because your peer may be jealous of that person, don’t feed into the negativity. Instead, you should voice your honest opinion about the situation and try to get your friend to see why she is being unreasonable and try to help transform her heart. Do not get involved in such situations where you may be sorry later. Support your friends when and where support is warranted.

If your peers try to get you to cut class, don’t do it because you’ll miss out on so much. Another reason is that you will miss out on the interesting conversation and all the information that your teacher has prepared and handed out to help you pass your next test. You need to be in class taking notes and learning as much as you can so that you will get the wisdom and knowledge that you will need later on in life that is going to empower you for the rest of your life.

Cutting class could possibly have a domino effect; cutting one class can quickly lead to cutting two classes, then three and so on and so forth. Cutting class can lead to a drop in your grades and your drop in your grades can lead to expulsion and this can lead to other negative things. Remember to tell yourself that you’re in school for a perfectly good reason; to get your education. You are in school to learn. Don’t hurt yourself or your future; it is never worth it. Why cut class when you’re already in school; stay in school and focus on making the very best of it and doing your very best. When you do this, you will find that you can do anything that you truly put your mind to and you can be so much more than you ever thought possible and education will show you the way to go.

Blossoming Butterfly, you may not realize or see it at this very moment, but doing well in all of your classes now will be the light, guidance and direction that you will need for your future. Maintaining good grades is imperative. When you work hard and go the extra 2 miles, you are putting forth great effort that will guarantee you academic success. You are giving yourself the knowledge you will need when the time comes for you to take the college entrance examination that will help the college admissions board whether they will be willing to give you the opportunity to give all of yourself to your school work; you are helping God to shape your future.

When you are being pressured by your peers, don’t be afraid to say no. You can be a pioneer by saying no. You can be a leader; you can start a trend just by saying no, “I don’t believe in that, I know that my parents would not want me to do that and I am not going to do that and you can’t make me do that; I love myself and I respect myself.” Be a leader and watch your friends follow; if they were afraid to say no before, they are proud to say no now because you paved the way.

Some positive things you can do to help your peers as well as helping yourself is start a study group. Like a Bible Study, a study group is a wonderful way to influence, encourage, and uplift your peers.

A study group can give your peers hope for the present and for the future. You can share your knowledge with your peers and they can share their knowledge with you. You can help them to strengthen their weaknesses and where their strengths lie, they can be a blessing and help to you.

To start your study group, you can pick and use a different subject weekly or monthly. Before starting your group, make sure that anyone who may be interested knows exactly what it is that you are offering and what you expect of them. Be honest, direct and respectful and let your peers know that you expect the same from them. Create a handout if you feel that is necessary so that everyone will know exactly what each study group consists of. A study group is an excellent way to help bring your peers together and an excellent way to help keep them on track, to help them to focus on their school work and to weed out all the negativity that may be impacting and plaguing their lives in some way. A study group will help your peers to stay on the right track and to keep them positive, to learn outside of the classroom where they can spread their wings, one wing at a time.

Have you ever thought about how much you and your peers can learn from each other? Reaching out, helping, strengthening and being the person you are meant to be can give your peers the hope they may need. Be the voice of your peers that says, Yes we can!

Blossoming Butterflies, now is the time to pursue your academic dreams; dreams of being straight students; dreams of scoring above average on the SATs; dreams of being the salutatorian of your class and dreams of going to the college of your dreams.

You’re young and you’re vibrant. You have the power in your wings to soar. Your wings and your dreams can take you to the highest mountain top. All the butterflies who have flown there and have left their mark have also left a place for you to land; flutter, flutter, flutter.

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